Pea Protein Isolate

Pea Protein isolate is made from high quality non-GMO peas grown in North America. Our manufacturing process starts with natural biochemical separation method. The result is a highly soluble protein with no filler ingredients, no artificial flavors and sweeteners. It has the advantages of creamy texture, extremely low viscosity, and highly stable in water.

  • Gluten-free, soy-free and dairy-free

  • Creamy texture – Smooth taste like milk

  • Low viscosity – It dissolves very well in water.

  • Highly soluble and stable in water – It can stay blended in the water for a long time

Hua-Thai pea protein

Products Information

Our product has unique advantages in smoothest taste (Like milk),low viscosity, natural odor, great stability and enhanced solubility.

Hua-Thai pea protein

HydroPea™ Organic Pea Protein O80A
HydroPea™ Conventional Pea Protein C80A
HydroPea™ Conventional Pea Protein C85A

Designed to absorb moisture for use in sold food applications such as baked goods, spices, bars, sports nutrition, cereal and prepared dishes.

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HydroPea™ Conventional Pea Protein C80B
HydroPea™ Conventional Pea Protein C85B

Offering enhanced solubility, designed for meat replacement products, non-dairy yogurts condiments and beverage.

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Hua-Thai pea protein
Hua-Thai pea protein

HydroPea™ Pea Protein Peptide S85

Designed for beverage applications in which complete solubility in liquids dispersive stability is required such as clear beverages, baby food and feeding tube applications. This product will leave beverage clear without any cloudiness. Bio-degradation is used to form macromolecular protein polypeptide which retains all amino acid qualities.

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HydroPea™ Hydrolyzed Pea Protein – H80

Processed by special hydrolysis technology, Hydrolyzed pea protein H80 has achieved a remarkable improvement in mouthfeel and performance. It is developed as an optimized solution for beverage products. H80 can be used in a variety of liquid supplements including protein beverage, meal replacement drink and powder drink.

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Hydrolyzed Pea Protein H80

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